Why yes, that is a bathroom stall my little girl is huddled in the corner of. And yes I wasn't too thrilled about her being there. But in this case... well, there wasn't much I could do. So here it is... the biggest #mikahmeltsdown in the history of like ever.

It all began when we got to the pool for Christopher's swim lesson. She wanted to get in the big pool. I told her no because she wasn't taking lessons and only people who were taking swim lessons could swim in the big pool. But we could swim in the baby pool! She didn't like that... especially after the fourth and fifth time I told her.

The screaming started and just got worse. About ten minutes into it, she didn't even want me to hold her anymore. About fifteen minutes into it she ran into the bathroom and hid in the stall. She still wouldn't let me hold her and her screams just kept getting louder and more obnoxious. I felt terrible for her. She was so worked up she couldn't calm herself down. I couldn't even pick her up without her kicking herself out of my arms which means I couldn't even leave. So we sat in the bathroom. She screamed. I sat there hopeless and helpless.

Twenty-five minutes into it, swim lessons were over. Thankfully a friend was there to keep an eye on Christopher while I sat with Mikah in the bathroom. I couldn't let her know I was there though because she was so upset with me. Every time she looked at me the screams got worse. And then suddenly there was an angel of a lady in the bathroom who said she would keep an eye on Mikah so I could get Christopher. Five minutes later, I came back to get Mikah and she was silent. This beautiful lady calmed her down! Mikah saw me... ran to me whimpering a little saying "Momma's back, Momma's back." But she wanted me! And she had calmed down miraculously!

So to the lady in the bathroom... you are amazing. You saved me today and I will never forget you. The world needs more people like you!

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Jamie said...

Glad it finally subsided in a positive way.

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