shirt: free people // leggings: simka sol // shoes: birkenstocks // head scarf: just dawnelle // necklace: shop arroyo, christina nicole

I learned something this week about my closet... I wear the same things all the time, the same set of shirts and the same few pairs of pants. It's like this happy little fashion rut that usually I'm perfectly okay with because I like those few things I wear quite a bit so why change them?? But then once in awhile I go digging through a random drawer and find a fabulous pair of leggings that I had completely forgotten about for months and months and it was the happiest accident that happened this week. I think I need to go through my closet on a regular basis... In fact... maybe I need to have a little cleaning out my closet sale? (Bet you can't read that without thinking of a particular rap song that was fairly popular awhile back... please don't tell me I'm the only one...) What do we think?

Side note... I'm in love with head scarves. You should try one... seriously amazing for seriously dirty hair!


An Na from Anna, Indeed said...

haha, lol! I totally understand~ It's always great to "unearth" a piece that we've long forgotten about! How exciting~

Also, I really want to try hidden my dirty hair with a head scarf or something XD I don't like washing my hair everyday--too harsh and removes too much of the good oil!

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