There are people around you all the time telling you what you should be doing with your time, how you should be doing it, where you should be going. Being a mother is particularly hard because there really is no right or wrong way to do things. There is only what you feel is best for you and your child. But it is more than that... it is more than just about the way you raise your children. It is how you do things, the way you dress as a mom, what you eat as a mom, how you spend what little free time you have as a mom.

To be completely honest I don't even know if I'm even making sense with all this blubbering. But it's been consuming my thoughts lately... it is hard to be comfortable in your decisions. And yet there is such strength and happiness that comes from being confidant and strong in your decisions, even the simple decisions, like what to wear that day. It is not something that comes easily or quickly. That type of confidence takes practice and hard work. It takes trusting in something greater than yourself. It takes understanding that you are important and loved regardless of what you wear, eat, shop, or how you spend your time. Whether it is your children, your husband, or your Heavenly Father, you are loved.

So be strong. You are important. You are loved. Don't let the lady down the street make you feel like you are a terrible mother for feeding your children peanut butter and jelly for lunch everyday of the week. She doesn't know that they ask for it everyday, or that you can't afford much else, or that it is such a struggle to get them to eat anything to begin with you'll give them whatever it takes to get them to eat something other than candy. You're doing the best you can and that my dear is what is important!


Gentri said...

You are so great, dawnelle!! I love this post and outfit. Thank you for the inspiring words!

Jessica Barlow said...

So needed these words today, mama!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Love and light,

Shyree said...

Lovely words! This totally makes sense to me. :)



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