Well we've officially become "dog people." I mean I've always had a soft spot for dogs honestly, I grew up with two golden retrievers. But with two toddlers the idea of a dog was hard to swallow. Then we went to visit my sister, who has a dog, who Christopher loved, and I loved seeing him with it. So it got me and my husband thinking, then perusing the eBay classifieds, then the golden retriever puppy ads. All of a sudden we were driving down to Tacoma to look at a liter of twelve 5 week old golden puppies... Gosh we are so darn impulsive.

And just like that we were dog people. If only the story ended there my friends!

My mom calls the next day talking about how jealous she was that we were getting a new puppy and how much my brothers and sister were jonsing over the idea. Within a few hours, my parents were buying the last two puppies from the same litter... alllll the way across the country! And I thought I was impulsive.

Fast forward three weeks, the day we're supposed to go get our puppies. My parents had been driving for days to get here. There was some serious excitement in the air and I woke up thinking... "Why in the HECK are we doing this?! We have our hands full with two toddlers! What do we need with a dog?!" But then we were there and the puppies were the cutest things ever and then there was a little boy puppy available... and the guy offered it to us for half the cost... and suddenly we were going home with four puppies! Two for my parents and two for us.

I couldn't help it though... when I was younger we saved all our money for a puppy. When we went to chose one, the owners were so impressed that we saved all the money as kids ourselves, they gave us a second. It was destiny I'm pretty sure for us to come home with two.

A week into it... I'm still thinking we were crazy. But at least they're the cutest little things I ever did see and my kids absolutely love them! Now if only I could get them to stop nipping at my kids heels so Mikah doesn't scream bloody murder ever time they chase her. Any ideas?

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mhartley said...

We have a spray bottle with water and we spray our dog gently in the face when we want to stop a behavior we don't like. It worked on her to keep her barking down and keep her from jumping up on people. She still barks and jumps every once in a while. When she starts barking excessively then we just pick up the bottle and she stops.

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