Here's the story... my hair is getting to the point of being ridiculously long... like I feel like I need to keep it up in a ponytail when I sleep because it is getting in my way! I can barely get it up in a nice top knot these days though.

In fact, I don't think I've had a hair cut for over a year and a half. Probably because I'm scared of them. The last one didn't turn out quite how I was hoping and I ended up getting wayyyy more than I wanted to cut off. Needless to say... I was a little scarred.

On a side note... don't get your hair cut while you're pregnant. Seriously. I don't EVER recommend it.

With all that said... my hair has reached my bum and my ends are sporting a natural ombre look. Basically I'm looking a little scraggly and am feeling like I need a little change. I want to keep my length for sure, so I'm only looking to get a very tiny little bit cut off, but I would love to do a little something with the color. I can't decide what though! I don't want to dye all of it. I do like my natural color. But I wouldn't mind a little dip dye on the ends maybe or a little reverse ombre? I'm thinking a copper-y color...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 (ps LOVE Rayna Jaye's new spring headbands...)
all images sourced HERE

So ombre or dip dye? Or neither? I still just totallllly love it!! Not all the way blonde... either super subtle or wayyyy contrasting and stark, not blended at all... any thoughts??


Janelle said...

I looooooove that last one! The colors are so pretty!


Aarika said...

I looooove ombre hair! I'm actually thinking about going brunette to red ombre soon.

Because of Jackie said...

I'm sort of a sucker for ombre, but have yet to have it done successfully. And yay for NOT cutting your hair while pregnant…I chopped mine with baby one and HATED IT!

VioletDaffodils said...

These are all fab photo inspiration! I've been having this debate too, I have blonde dip dye but havent re done it since last year as I'm trying to grow it to my goal length first before doing it again, anyway a the hairdressers ive been told I have fine hair and got wispy ends so have been thinking of giving my hair a refresh, I've been really inspired by the idea of replacing the blonde ends with either a light brown or a dark brown, can't decide haha!


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