I distinctly remember as a young girl wearing leggings. I even remember them having those fabulous stirrups on the feet. I also remember... hating them. I really disliked them and after they were no longer the fun thing for little girls to wear... I never wanted to wear them again. Like... ever...

And then I got pregnant....

Now for those of you who have never experienced the amazing phenomenon of pregnancy... the whole growing out of all of your clothes and having anything tight around your waist thing is ridiculously over rated. To sum it up blatantly for you... having tight restricting things anywhere around or near your midsection is of the devil. It is basically awful. By the time you reach week 36... 37... 38... getting dressed in general takes just about all the energy you can muster for the day so you really just want something comfortable. Plus all of a sudden your legs are the smallest part of your body and the idea of leggings make you want to shout hallelujah from the mountain tops (if you have the energy to get up there...) or maybe just from your bedroom window.

Since pregnancy, leggings have become quite the staple in my wardrobe. There is nothing like taking off your grungy sweats to get dressed in some just as comfy leggings. However... leggings can seriously be abused and lately I've seen wayyyy too much of people because of the whole leggings being practically everywhere thing. They are not to be worn with everything all the time I've decided.

For that very reason, I've kind of given myself some rules when it comes to wearing and purchasing leggings. Simple things like, not see through (because tights are NOT leggings... EVER!) and not being too tight. I have to be able to grab the fabric without getting any of the skin underneath. My last "rule" I've given myself is more of a how to wear them thing and really because I'm not comfortable in them otherwise. I won't wear leggings unless I have a large oversized shirt that is long enough to cover my bum and front. I won't wear them with just a regular fitting t-shirt. But that's just me!

I can't believe I've made up rules for myself when it comes to getting dressed. What has the world come to?? You'd think I was an adult or something... hehe

leggings: h&m // shirt: cotton on // cardigan: the oxford trunk // jacket: dandelions & denim (on instagram) // hat: step cat (is it not the fabulous pom pom hat you have ever laid your eyes on???) // necklace: the land of salt


Because of Jackie said...

I love leggings and mostly wear them under dresses instead of tights, but I hear you on tight things when pregnant (and now if I'm being honest!) I like things loose and comfy, tight stuff is the devil;)

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

I actually LOVE wearing leggings in pregnancy, but probably because maternity pants that are long enough are hard for me to find, it's too cold for dresses, and the pants I do have constantly fall at the crotch. So leggings it is. People must be getting sick of seeing my legs wrapped like little sausages. But hey, just a few more weeks then it will just be PJ pants! ;) But I'm with you on wanting something longer with it. Even if I wear a tight shirt it has to be a long one and usually with a breezier cardigan.

The thing I can't stand are bras on my ribcage. It is just about the most claustrophobic thing to me and by the end of the day nothing feels better than ripping it off.

Shon said...

What a fun way to mix print and pattern. I love your beanie and the cardigan is so interesting. Way to go.

Jenny Winward said...

Ummm, I TOTALLY remember the stirrup leggings from when I was a kid...horrible! But yes, leggings are so dang comfortable. It's hard to wear anything else. I just wish I could pull off the patterned ones as well as you!

Iris P. said...

Love this outfit, plus that cardigan is really awesome!!!

Arya Kumar said...

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