skirt: urban outfitters // shirt: target // shoes: birkenstocks // necklaces: shop arroyo, mountain lust  // rings: reverie-the shop, paint the town me

My gosh this time of year is rough sometimes. The weather can't make up its mind, some days it wants to be fall and some days it wants to be summer still. So while you're trying to get into the feel of fall when you're finally feeling it, the weather decides to be summer again. Awesome right? Yeah...

That's exactly how I was feeling Sunday. Throw on top of that waking up with a pounding headache, a husband who was out of the country, two toddlers who didn't get enough sleep, that particular time of month for the ladies, church to be to.......... 

Four outfits later and thirty five minutes late to church I finally put on the original outfit I had on (go figure) which happened to be the same skirt as last week, a fairly casual graphic baseball tee, and Birkenstock clogs that haven't seen daylight since ninth grade, but you know what? What the heck! It was comfortable, modest, and at least I made it to the last part of church right?



First let's just apologize for the absolutely terribly grainy photos... but hey date night does happen at night!

Time for a little mom talk today... One of the hardest things I think I've found as a mom to littles is getting time alone with my husband and even just time to myself. Usually to get those things, a babysitter is needed... well they are a tricky thing sometimes, am I right? But seriously, I need date night!! Especially if it includes a night out at a fabulously long delicious dinner.

For me there are a few things I look for in a babysitter, someone who is going to be okay when my kids freak out because they discovered I am gone. I'm pretty sure it always happens. I also need someone who is perfectly okay putting my kids to bed and playing with them until bedtime comes. But then again those are the things everyone looks for right?

So what are the special things that separate the really good babysitters from the average ones? For me... it's when they clean up. If I come home and my house is tidied up and toys put away, dishes washed up and kitchen clean, AND my kids are happy and asleep in bed. Yeah... they should probably just clear their schedule every week because I will seriously play top dollar for that! So spill it... What is that one thing that keeps you calling that particular person? Is it a cheaper rate? They drive? Your kids talk about them the next day? I want to hear it!!

And since I mentioned rate... do your babysitters give you a particular price per hour? Sometimes I wish they would just say, "Yeah I charge _____ per hour" you know? I seriously hate the guessing game. How do you know if they're happy with what you pay them?? Cause honestly how often is a babysitter going to say, yeah that wasn't enough?

My gosh I think I could talk about babysitters forever... And if you've babysat for me and you're reading this... You guys have all totally rocked! Love you!



shirt: free people // pants: hm // plaid: thrifted // bag: target // shoes: birkenstocks // necklaces: moorea seal, christina nicole, shop arroyo // bracelets: mountain lust jewelry, nickel and suede // pompom keychain: ten things jewelry

It's true... I'm obsessed with over-sized plaid shirts. I picked up a few at the thrift store the other day and they've become my go-to's this past week with the chilly mornings setting in. Once the warmer weather sets in later in the day though I've been at a lost as to what to do with them and I'll be honest, I've had a hard time wanting to tie anything around my gigantic hips. Plus, have you ever noticed what it makes a booty that isn't completely flat look like? Yeah... it wasn't working on me. Until I tied it up under a long over-sized shirt... Pretty sure that's the only way it is going to work for me. What do you think about this whole tied-around-the-waist trend these days? Yes or no? BE HONEST!! Because sometimes it kind of reminds me of middle school.......

In other news... I want to run away with this purse. Basically between that and my chair, my life is complete!

And to really throw it off... how do you feel about plaids in interiors? I might be liking them a little...



It is true my friends... I talked my husband into driving over three hours round trip for a chair. Yep, I said it... a chair. And you know what?? He didn't even like it! I showed him a picture of it and his first words were... that is ugly! I don't want that in my house! But the fact is he is a wonderful husband and he made the drive with me. We met a super cute lady in the most gorgeously quaint neighborhood in what felt like the middle of no where somewhere outside Olympia Washington and picked up the my newest obsession. I seriously think it was meant to be... the thing fit PERFECTLY into my car and other than the 20 or so minutes of screaming from Mikah on the way down while we were stuck in traffic the kids were pretty good!

And my gosh... you can't tell me that chair doesn't look AAMMMAZING in my living room right?! Even my husband has fallen for it! Probably because he drove three hours for it, right?

Now the question though remains... what side of the fireplace?! I love it in the corner under the plants because well, how can you not love that perfectly bohemian vintage pairing? What better to go with a wicker peacock chair than some macrame plant hangers and a gold table? Plus it helps I feel to anchor the room a little more, the taller chair in the corner.

But the chair is such a fabulous piece from all around that I'm having a hard time putting it in a corner. When it is on the left side of the fire place you're able to see more of it. It's more of a statement piece. Plus, when the sun hits it in the morning I seriously want to die! And I do like how it creates a little sense of separation between the dining room and living room.

My gosh are you lost yet? I've lost myself... Right now I'm letting it percolate. I do that with things... test them in a couple different places before finding the perfect spot. So what's your verdict? In the corner or not in the corner? (And yes you can say it, I'm totally crazy. I know.)



As we say goodbye to summer with what it feels like probably one of the last nice weekends of the year I've come to realize something about the Seattle area... the summers are to DIE for you. Like seriously they are goooorgeous! But goodness, you sure do earn them by surviving the dark gray winters. If you can survive the gray winter you have totally earned your summer goodness.

To say goodbye to summer I was feeling the only appropriate thing would be to relive the glorious weekend! Although my husband told me this weekend that I needed to learn to relax because I wasn't so thrilled about spending the day with undefined plans... Sometimes I think he is right. But an hour on the boat fixed that right up actually! How was your weekend my friends?

The morning sunshine in my living room is to die for. 

Carpal tunnel is seriously for the birds... although I'll tell you this much, that brace feels amazing!

Behind the scenes the little hands are always there!

Totally paid a dollar for a cup of kool-aid this weekend from some little neighbor kids. Yeah... don't even know what to say about that. I couldn't help it... they were just so excited!

And now we're off into the best season of the year... bring on the pumpkin candles, the warm baked goods, the mums and pumpkins, the chilly mornings... let's do this! Well maybe after today... it is supposed to be fabulously warm and beautiful today and we can't pass that up!



pants: pretty dirty hippie // shirt: free people // necklace: shop arroyo, christina nicole // rings: st. eve jewelry, paint the town me, christina nicole // ponytail: stole from my sister years ago (best one ever!)

And this outfit has nothing to do with my post but I absolutely adore these pants so I had to share... they're like hippie to the T!

Well my friends I've seriously been well... around... but not anywhere around here in quite awhile. Not that I meant for it to happen by any means but I needed a break. I needed a recharge and some major time spent with my littles to just readjust and evaluate life. Sometimes in life you need things like that to do a little soul searching you know? And goodness... I needed it. Honestly if you were to ask me what was wrong I didn't have an answer for you. I was just tired. I was tired of all of it. Things were becoming too much of a chore and just another check mark off my list instead of something I felt excited for. I wanted to be spending my days outside by the water in the sand watching my kids play... Summer can do that to you sometimes you know? So maybe that really is what it was. My soul (and my kiddies) needed the sun and the fun!!!

But fall is coming... the shop is back OPEN with some fabulous new scarf styles and I have some major plans for this little blog and the shop and just life!! I'm so excited to share some of the changes were making around the house here (You know, if you're into that kind of thing, if not well I supposed you can just ignore those posts! I still love you though don't worry!) and some of just our every day life with two toddlers as an east coaster living in the Pacific North West... 

So welcome back my friends to my life... are you as excited as I am??? (I kinda said that sarcastically in case you didn't pick that up from the black and white words on your screen... dang computer...)



Okay mainly I'm just obsessed with peacock chairs. I mean like majorly obsessed... like search craigs list every night obsessed. And I FOUND ONE!!! If all goes well I'm headed tomorrow night to snatch it up... *fingers crossed* But until then I won't lie when I say that I have a little thing for fabulous accent chairs. I mean there are some seriously fabulous chairs out there... why settle for something plain when you can have something amazing??? Not only that but an accent chair adds something so special to a space... new textures, shapes, colors, sizes to a room that you can't get with a pillow or artwork. Not only that but a chair is something you can actually SIT in... it becomes an experience... you can't get any better than that.

So if you're interested... I thought I would share some of my favorite accent chairs over on CupcakeMAG today! Head on over and check out all the details!

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