I have a plan. It's official. Hopefully I'll be able to stick to this plan though... I seem to change my mind often. I swear designing your own space is the hardest. But I'm in love with this plan! (You can see all the inspiration HERE!)

First of all, my living room is busy. I have a lot of color and a lot of pattern, I love it that way, but because my dining room is open to the living room I wanted to create a space that would flow nicely without competing with the color, texture, and pattern in the dining room. I also wanted to create one whole space that will flow nicely together and feel like a single room but also a separate space. That doesn't sound like something too hard to accomplish right?

To do this, I wanted to keep the color scheme pretty paired down, simple neutrals but full of texture and pattern to continue the feel into the dining room. I also needed to add some additional storage for my overflowing cabinets in the kitchen as talked about in my original inspiration post. What do you think?

I tried to keep things as economical as possible (I'd die for a real Tom Dixon pendant...) but I did splurge on the buffet because I'm dead set on getting a mid-century feeling piece. I am going to keep a good watch on Craigslist to see if something vintage comes up. I'd love an original mid-century piece for sure but we'll see how it goes. I do also want two of the brass pendants. They're going to hang at the same level in a line over the table and I'm super excited about them. Originally I thought three but I feel like it will be too much plus I'm all about going against the norm right now. As for the curtains, I want the pom poms but being the thrifty one I am trying to be adding my own was much more economical than buying pom pom curtains. Plus by sewing them on myself I get to determine the size of the pom pom and of course I'm using the biggest ones I can find! The chairs I've been drooling over for months and months. I love the black with a white high gloss table. How classy looking?! Lastly, the rug... haven't decided if I want to layer that fabulous tribal over a the sisal rug or replace it. I'll get there... What do you think??



This has been one seriously fun project. I've actually never done much scrapbooking, other than simple Project Life pages, so #myselfiescrapbook was pretty exciting. While not totally a typical scrapbook (because let's be real... I love the pockets!) I sure used way more embellishments and layering than ever before. Confession though... I'm not totally finished. We were leaving for a two week vacation and I wanted so badly to share what I had done so I quickly snapped photos of as much as I had finished. I have every intention and am super excited to finish when I get back though. I'll have to share some update photos then.

You can see my first few posts here, here, and here!

What I've learned though, because I have learned a few things through this whole process...
 // I have a hard time thinking about placement of photos before actually sitting down to put the whole thing together. I end up printing way more photos than needed because of it. In some ways it doesn't bother me one bit because I know I like to see it and feel it to really think about it all, but at the same time if anyone has any tips, I'm all ears!!

// I feel like I'm still trying to find my "style" with this whole scrapbooking thing and this project has seriously helped! Take embellishments for example, I love them... but not all of them. There are certain styles I seem to love and others I'm just not so much into. 

// Last thing... I want to let go a little bit when putting pages and books together. I want to let myself be a little more free and outside the "box" of the typical pages. As I look through the finished books in the blog hop I'm realizing I'm really drawn to the "messier" looking books.

most papers and embellishments came from the messy box, some left over studio calico kits, and some digital designs from big city quiet designs, "love yourself" printable from polka dot creative

But you live and learn right? And that my friends is what it is all about!! Thinking back... this project is still totally wicked awesome! Thanks for all those who put the whole project together, you rock!



Now let me first start by saying that really I don't think there is anything totally wrong with my dining room. I really do like it. But it isn't quite where I want it and me being ridiculously finicky and picky I can't help but day dream. I'm also going to apologize for the gigantic mess covering my dining room table. I've been working on #myselfiescrapbook and using the Messy Box well... it worked. I made a mess.

Let's focus on the everything else now shall we? The dining room table was originally my grandmothers, who gave it to my mother a number of years ago, who then gave it to me when my husband and I bought our first house. I love the table, not so much the color. The chairs were given to me as well from my mother with the table. They look great together but I'm ready for a change. I also love the trunk, it brings a piece of history into my space that I totally need and love. Functionally though, I need storage and the trunk doesn't provide that. Cabinet space in my kitchen is at a minimum and I have quite a few platters, cake plates, fancy dishes, ect that we use periodically but don't need to be in the kitchen. As for the chandelier? It was here when we moved into the house... works beautifully just not quite my style.

The first step to making some changes is to find some inspiration, pull what I like from those spaces, and put a plant together. It doesn't do any good to just shoot from the hip making decisions spur of the moment, right? So what's the plan? I want to create a space that fits the feel of my house a bit more by bringing in some mid-century modern pieces, most likely in the chairs and a credenza (for more storage) and updating the light fixture to something more bohemian or mid-century in style and shape. I'll update the colors creating a bit more of a clean simple feel mixed with bohemian style by updating the paint color of the table and possibly layering rugs. You know I love a good eclectic interior! I've been looking at some fabulous inspiring dining areas lately and I'm hoping to use them to get me started. What do you think?

sources // 1 // 2 // 3

Are we friends on Pinterest?? See more of what I've been pinning lately HERE!



week 21 / 22 / 23 / 24

It really is the most blissful of all the parts of pregnancy and my gosh I know Heavenly Father gave us the second trimester to help us remember that we are doing something so important and amazing, you know, to give pregnant women a little hope back. But really, the second trimester is glorious compared to the first.

As I've said before everything seems a little different with this baby than with my first two, but for the most part, the nausea has gone away. I am honestly sometimes not sure if it is because I started taking a vitamin supplement my doctor prescribed or if it is because I'm well into the second trimester. Either way, I don't really want to find out. There are still a few things that trigger a yucky feeling, strange things, like Chinese food or Tickety Tock (that show on Nick Jr... yeah don't ask... I can't even listen to the theme song without being reminded of the nausea I dealt with for so many weeks.)

Good news though? Baby girl is moving a ton. She's become an expert at finding just the right times to stretch out into my bladder and ribs. Mikah felt her move the other day... she pulled her hand back really fast and gave me a look. Not quite sure if she thought it was kind of cool or totally strange, she's a two year old though, so who knows. I don't have anything regarding names completely set in stone yet, although we are pretty sure we have a middle name. My belly has seem to doubled in size over the course of just a few days, but thankfully I'm not too gigantic yet and can still walk up the stairs okay. Although I do have to remind my children on the daily they can't run into me anymore because their heads hit just the right spot and my gosh it hurts when they come charging at me full speed and ram their little heads into my growing belly. And that about sums up the pregnancy life these days...



It's been a long time coming honestly my friends, but I figured I would make it official and write about it since you know unless you write it down it is always just a wish not a goal. Plus I feel like if I tell you about it then I have no choice after that... I'm accountable and need to press forward with my actions. That makes total sense right? (Totally being sarcastic there...)

So here it is... my background is actually in interior design and over the past few years I've had a serious urge to move back towards that in some way or another. You see it a little here and there with peeks into my home or random thoughts but lately I've been wanting to go full on into the interior design world, especially with this space here. So while there is nothing officially out there yet, I want you to be the first to know about the changes coming here to this space. Yes I plan on keeping some of the personal (because I can't help it, sorry!) but the majority of the content will be shifting more towards home design and decor (Including offering online design services!!!) Changes will be slow, don't worry, and anything big I'll be sure to inform you about. I'll probably start by sharing a whole lot more of all the remodeling we've done around my own home.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the support I've received from this space here for the past few years. Seriously it is amazing the support of the online community, and I truly hope that you will stick around for this new venture. If you interested, you can start by heading on over to Instagram and following along with my new design account... @justdawnelledesigns! As of right now, that is the only major change...

Thanks as always my friends. You totally ROCK!



my favorite family picture these days, was taken months ago, but I still love the joy in the kids faces the best!

I sit here on Friday morning thinking about all the things I feel like I should be doing instead of writing. My house is a mess, dishes from yesterday are still on the table, the sink is filled, toys all over the place, an entire bag of pretzels thrown around my basement, my bathroom completely unspeakable, and my husband coming home from a business trip tonight. I'm sitting here thinking about Mother's Day this weekend and how hard this week of mothering has been. I'm thinking about the gorgeous weather outside and the invite we have to go to the lake with some friends. Yet I feel like my patience level is at an all time low and there are a million gazillion things I feel like I need to do today. I kind of just want to sit, cry, and give up.

But here's the reality... that is motherhood. No one ever said it would be the easiest thing you would ever do, or the funnest, or the most relaxing. No one has ever said it would be like any other job out there, not even close. They warn you, it's the hardest, most exhausting, most draining, most selfless, hardest thing a women will ever do. BUT they also say it is the most rewarding, loving, incredible, irreplaceable thing and you know what, they really are right.

Motherhood is incredible. Being a mother is the best decision I ever made and I wouldn't change that for anything. Trying to explain the feelings and emotions that come from loving a small part of you walking around this crazy world is impossible. I seriously don't think there are even words to do so. My children are my world. They are my everything. They are my best friends, my little companions in life. They are there through everything, always at my feet, holding my hand, making me laugh, bringing joy to my life. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to have them in my life and pray daily that I can teach them, love them, raise them the way our Heavenly Father wants me to. They are a gift from Him and the love and gratitude I feel because of that amazing gift brings me to tears. How glorious this thing called motherhood is!

To all the mother's out there... you are amazing. You are beautiful. You are fulfilling your divine destiny and going about the work of the Lord raising your little ones. I love you all for it! Happy Mother's Day my friends...


Finding something for Mom I'm pretty sure is one of the hardest things about this coming weekend. Usually it sneaks up on me so quickly too that I don't even realize it is here until the Friday or Saturday before Mother's Day. Awful right?? So I thought I'd share a couple past projects with you that would be so perfect for Mother's day and oh so fast and easy! Something you could totally do in one day! Hope it helps get the juices flowing... Happy Mother's Day my friends!

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