You know you want an orange sofa in your living room... or yellow... or blue! Ooh a blue... gosh how gorgeous! (I just love color...) More thoughts on color and how to incorporate it into a space over on CupcakeMAG today! Plus... a fabulous inspiration board that may or may not include an orange sofa (I couldn't help it!)



Do you remember that time in the 90's and early 2000's when parachute pants were like the biggest thing ever? And those little shirts that barely covered your stomach... they hit right at your waist line so if you raised your hands up at all your whole stomach would show basically? Well let's be real... I was totally into it! I had a pair of orange, and red, and green parachute pants. My favorite store was PacSun, and I despised anything feminine. I wore rubber bands on my wrist, flip flops and skate shoes year round, and t-shirts and skirts to church. My hair was almost always in a pony tail and... well... lace and floral were something I avoided like the plague.

skirt: urban outfitters // shirt: hm // duster: the oxford trunk // necklace: st. eve jewelry // rings: st. eve jewelry, owl tree boutique, christina nicole

Times have changed a bit (I wear skirts when it isn't even time for church! What?!) and I've learned that there is nothing wrong with being feminine. In fact... there is nothing like wearing a perfectly feminine outfit. The type of outfit that makes you feel fabulous and girly yet comfortable and modest. Seriously... those are the types of outfits that every girl needs to experience and have on the back burner for those sudden date nights with that special someone. Trust me... you won't regret it!

And now I want to see how you like to wear floral! It's that time of month my friends for What She Wears... come show us what your favorite floral look is and join me, Brandi, Rebecca, Meagan, and Jalynn!



My thoughts lately have been on being happy. Not simple happiness like the happiness that comes from getting a package in the mail or from eating a delicious dessert. I'm talking about the kind of true happiness that is lasting. The kind of happiness that helps you get through the rough days and the hard times. You know what I'm talking about right?

What makes us that kind of happy? What are the things in life that help us to be able to reach that level of happiness? I've come around finally I think to an idea... it is not a thing or place. It is an attitude. It is a choice we have to make with in ourselves. It how we handle situations. It is the decisions we make. It is what we bring to the world. We chose to be happy or not through the simple decisions in our lives. 

I've made decisions in life that did not bring lasting happiness... but I've also made loads of decisions that have brought more happiness than I could have ever dreamed of! (Like the decision to have children... not always moment to moment happiness but by far the best kind of lasting happiness I could have ever asked for.) One of the simplest ways though I really believe will bring us lasting happiness is by deciding to give of ourselves. Which is what I want to focus on this month... becoming happy by not focusing on what I'm going to get but what I'm going to give.

print HERE

Once again my amazing friend Caley has created a simple printable that is sure to match any decor and is ridiculously easy to print out and throw in a frame, tape up with some fun washi, or just stick on your fridge so help remind us... its about what we can give... not what we're going to get!



Decorative pillows are one of the easiest ways to spice up a room and lately I've had a serious crush on floral pillows. I think I might need to find some to help bring in the spring season this year... and I've shared all my favorites over on CupcakeMAG today!!



shirt: h&m // pants: h&m // kimono: target // shoes: vans via poshmark // necklace: olive deer // headband: just dawnelle // rings: paint the town me, owl tree boutique, st. eve jewelry

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing."
Alexander Wang

I like it because it doesn't say you have to get dressed up, or wear something amazing, or stylish, or crazy... only that it is the most intriguing, how one dresses when no one is looking. It will tell you the most about someone. It is when people can show their true personality. I like that.



Just a little shop update today because well I'm just ridiculously excited about some new products!! Beyond excited actually and I can't wait to hear what you think about them! So this weekend some fabulous headscarves and kimonos hit the shop. Here's a little peek my friends...

So that yellow and tan sari with lace head scarf... and that kelly green kimono... my gosh. I think I need one of each!! What's your new favorite?? (PS You can find all the new items HERE in the shop!)




sorry... if you follow along on instagram you've totally seen all these...

 It is far too late for me to be awake. I should be in bed. But it is covered in clean clothes half folded and half you know... just thrown there. My dryer keeps beeping at me because the last load of laundry needs to be changed. I have a pile of who knows how many scarves at my feet that I finally finished stitching up and need to be ironed before being packed up and shipped out in the morning. And yet I sit here perusing blogs...

I feel like I'm in a funny place right now. Why? I haven't the faintest... nothing really has changed from last week, or the week before, or really the month before. We're pretty settled into our house (which I still absolutely love), the business is keeping me nice and busy, the kids are continuing to grow and thrive... and yet... I don't know. I sit here thinking... what kind of mother... what kind of family do I want to be? Maybe it is because I keep thinking about the fact that Christopher is 3 and could start preschool next year. The idea of having to be somewhere at a certain time multiple times a week for a whole school year sounds... exhausting and ridiculous restricting. At the same time though, he would LOVE it! Not that you need to hear all my pros and cons about Christopher and preschool...

But really... that question seems to have stirred up a question deep inside of me... what kind of mother do I want to be? What kind of mother have I become? Is it the mother/ woman/ wife I want to be? And to be completely honest... I don't think it is. I know what I want to be... but I don't think I'm being it. And I think that might be part of my "funk".  I need a reset. I need to remember what is important, my babies and my family. I need to relax, refocus, and stop allowing myself to become stressed about the littlest of things... It's all about the journey and how we get there not where we are going right??

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