Rugs... the perfect start to a space. They are the seriously the easiest way to start designing a space... a good rug can have an entire space put together around it. They're like artwork for the floor, and gosh there are some gorgeous ones out there. I've rounded up a few of my favorites these days and I won't lie, part of me wants to put them all in the same space together, layered and thrown about. Wouldn't that just be the most gorgeous collection of color, pattern, and texture?! I can see it now...... in my basement. It would be perfect. Think I could convince the husband we need them all?

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Want to hear more about my obsession and philosophy with rugs HERE... because didn't you know I have a philosophy on just about everything?



Well after an extended trip to visit family in California, we are officially home. We drove all weekend and somehow made it home after what seems like stopping at practically every McDonalds and truck stop along the way to let one or both children go to the bathroom (oh the joys of road trips with little ones in underwear...) We had an absolutely wonderful visit with cousins, had a blast enjoying the gorgeous weather, and the cousins all had such a wonderful time together. It really was sad to leave. Hanging with my sister in law everyday was a blast, I don't know who I'm going to talk to all day now. I really am so incredibly blessed to have a family that will not only welcome us in for two weeks but not be cursing us as we leave (well at least not to our faces haha.) I am so grateful for such a wonderful relationship... I do miss having family close.

I won't lie though, my bed missed me. I'm ready to get settled in and to only get ready for this baby to come but get some things going around here I've been contemplating for awhile. Watch this week for some super fun news and some super fun plans in the works around the house!



Bedding seriously is the perfect starting point for designing a bedroom. It can provide the perfect mix of colors, texture, and pattern to build the entire space around. Since working on that adorable shared boy's bedroom the other day, I've been starting to think about my own children's bedrooms (can't help it!!) I came across some of the most amazing bedding that would be perfect in a little girl's bedroom. It isn't necessarily children's bedding nor is it very childish at all, but it does provide the right amount of color and pattern to create a space for a child to grow up in. My philosophy with children's rooms is the child and their toys will make it a children's room, the decor doesn't need to.

With that said, some of my favorite beautifully bohemian, gorgeously colored, fabulously patterned bedding I've come across lately at some amazingly excellent prices!! (How's that for enough descriptive words for you...)

2 // Target
4 // HM



We've been in California for the past couple weeks and have been having an absolutely lovely time. The kids are having a blast with their cousins and well... how can you not love beautiful weather and time with your family? The past week my sister in law and I have spent talking about her boys bedroom... it's been a blast! I've been working to create the perfect space for her three boys to share.

The goal was to create something fresh, modern, and fun. Using mostly neutrals with a few pops of color, we wanted to give them something they could grow up with. One of the key design problems to solve though was creating enough space for all three boys while also allowing each one to have a little space for themselves.

I'm beyond excited to see this space develop!! Paint went up this past week, bunk beds were put together this weekend, and as I'm writing this my sister in law is filling frames. Watch for some photos this week over on Instagram and the final reveal soon! PLUS design services... coming soon... I'm wicked excited!



Today is my birthday. Yep... I'm turning 28 years old today. Am I feeling older? Wiser? Any different? Eh... not really. To be completely honest I still feel like I'm about 21 only with a whole lot more responsibility then I did at 21. Funny how that works right?

As I think about the past year though and what has happened, what I've accomplished, and where I am now, honestly I think the real question is... am I happy? Am I happy with where my life is and where it is headed? For sure I'm happy and I wouldn't change a thing with my family. I love what I've been working towards and am super excited for what the next couple months will bring with a new little girl being added to the mix.

At the same time... being a mom is hard. It isn't just the work, house work and childcare, it's the staying at home part. It's the feeling like I lose myself and my own identity with everything going on around me. That's the hard part. The constant giving and being needed. The past few months have been exceptionally hard as well, maybe just because of the pregnancy and everything else life has thrown at us. I don't want to sound super ridiculously negative and maybe I sound super selfish because in all actuality I wouldn't change it ever. This is what I'm supposed to be doing and I know that and I'm excited about it. But some days are hard. Some phases of life are hard. Being a mom is hard.

So as I sit here on my birthday thinking about the direction my life is headed and think about the question, am I happy? The answer really and truly is yes, regardless of the trials of motherhood. I've been blessed with an amazing life, amazing children, and an amazing husband. I have everything and anything a girl could ever need and I want for nothing. I really have been called to do this. This is what the Lord wants me to do. I am seriously and truly blessed because of that. I can't wait for the next year, what it has in store and the goals I have for myself, both with motherhood and my own personal business and life. It's going to be a good one!



Progress on the entryway is moving along and I'm pretty happy about it! (You can see all my plans and inspiration in the original post HERE.) I moved forward with my plans to paint the door black and found some gorgeous plants to hang, which I'm super pleased about! I'm absolutely loving the way things are looking. 

Let's talk for a second about those hanging plants. My ceilings are vaulted so obviously the plants couldn't go all the way to the ceiling on just a hook, I needed some way to extend them down lower so they were more in frame of everything else going on with the entryway. How did I do this?? Simple... chain by the foot from Home Depot! Did you know you could buy chain by the foot? and they have lots of different styles... white, black, stainless... in all different shapes and sizes. Plus it is super cost efficient! Totally worth it! Almost makes me want to find something else to use the chain for...

Now what's left on the to-do list? The driftwood hook for our keys will be added and it will be fabulous to have a place to put our keys, I won't lie. Plus I think the color on the hook will be perfect in there, don't you? Then the frame... I'm contemplating sending the print to Framebridge to have professionally framed. Anyone tried them??

Which brings me to the last step... replace the wood trim with white around the door and add a nice molding along the floor. Molding though I swear is like the bane of our existence. Goodness those corners and then the caulking... but white molding will add that finishing touch we seriously need. And then there is the story of the light fixture... I would like to find a new one but haven't even gotten there yet. What do you think about the progress so far? We're getting there right?



I've wanted to make something like this forever. In fact I've had the driftwood sitting in my garage for over six months and haven't touched it. Well I finally kicked it into gear (blame the nesting... it honestly probably is...) and got it made! Eventually it will end up in my entryway as part of my entryway spice up I'm doing but I haven't gotten that far yet. Although I have gotten quite a bit done, I'll share all those details tomorrow though.

Okay for the hooks. Seriously easiest project ever.

Driftwood or fabulous stick
Paint brush
Measuring Tape
Level (if you so desire)

Literally, chose your paint colors, brush (or slightly sand) your wood if needed, paint the stripes on your wood as desired, screw in your hooks. Seriously that simple. A few little tips...

When choosing your colors, decide where you are going to hang it before you start so you can chose colors that will coordinate with the space your putting it in. You don't want to get halfway through and realize you have no plan or idea where it is going. I would also suggest using some neutrals to tone down all the color, whites and blacks go a long way!

As you paint your lines be sure to vary the widths to add some interest. If all your lines are the same thickness you won't get a good sense of variation which in the end will leave everything feeling very bland and dull. Promise you don't want that. 

Be sure to measure your hooks out so they are spaced properly. I would actually suggest marking where each hook should go and using a level so they all get screwed in straight across. This will help to bring it all together at the end. With the organic feel of the driftwood and the hand painted lines, the straight lines of the screws will help to bring a sense of professionalism to the project overall. Does that make sense?

With all that said... good luck!! Seriously one of the simplest projects I've done in awhile and I absolutely loved the results. Totally worth a shot. The hooks could be used for anything, keys, kitchen towels, necklaces, little girl dress-ups... you name it!

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