t-shirt dress: three bird nest // coat: target // necklace: shop arroyo, adam rabbit jewelry // bracelets: pineapple bling

The reality is this was a lot better in thought than I think it came out in person. I absolutely love the t-shirt dress (because how can you not???)... and I love those black pants. In fact, I love them even more now that I cut about five inches off the bottom of them. Cropped pants are doing it for me these days I won't lie. But I don't know about the t-shirt dress with the baby bump (and baby boobs!) Although I do like how it helps to hide the bump a bit. Maybe actually it's the coat with it. It was super chilly so I had to have an extra layer but on a warmer day I'm feeling this would be so much better without the coat.

I will tell you this though... it was ridiculously comfy. Plus, I didn't have to worry about my pants hanging low because of the length it gave, and I loved being able to rock the knotted shirt look. I'm also always all about anything black on black is amazing. So would I recommend the t-shirt dress?? Heck yes!

Am I totally over-thinking this? I keep doing that these days... I need to just stop stressing and live it up with the bump!



 Sometimes all you need after a really long week is just to set aside the things you think you need to do for the people who really matter. That is exactly what I needed Saturday...

It seemed like the longest week honestly. I don't even really know why, other than I ended up with a sinus infection and was pretty stinking miserable. My husband was super busy and stressed with work. My kids were a bit frustrated with being in the house all week. When Saturday rolled around, everything around me seemed like it was a huge mess. There were little miniature piles of things everywhere acting as Christopher's "houses", my laundry still wasn't done, my husband was trying to finish up some work for some classes he's taking, and I was trying to prepare for a talk I was giving at church Sunday. I was feeling slightly better so all I wanted to do was get my house back in order and focus on gathering my thoughts. Every time I cleaned something up though, my children turned around and created another little disaster somewhere else. Finally I gave up and decided what we really needed was to just get out.

So that is what we did. We dropped it all and spent the afternoon out having fun together, and you know what? It was marvelous. Seriously. We did nothing super special... went a saw some animated movie Christopher said he liked at the $3 theater and then got dinner together. But really, it was wonderful to just forget all the responsibility and pressure and just be together. The kids were so well behaved. There was little yelling or frustration. It was just... nice! To top it all off? When it came time to put all my thoughts together for church, it all just finally clicked! Talk about a wonderful family day...



I'm sitting here trying to think of something spectacular to say about this outfit but seriously my brain has gone into pregnancy mode. This was my shopping with my running errands and shopping with my sisters outfit. It was perfectly comfortable and allowed me to go from taking care of kids with my growing belly to going out and shopping. The reality is though that I absolutely love it and feel like a total hippie because those sleeves seriously are so wonderfully flared and the colors are so super 70's. Although, those pants are something else. Have you ever worn ninja pants? Totally recommend them.

I could also tell you all about how super stuffy my nose is and how frustrated I am with the massive amounts of pollen around these days. I mean seriously... completely ridiculously stuffed. I have no idea what to do about it either so if you've got anything, please... I'm open to just about anything!! Except the netty pot, that thing scares the heck out of me.

Photo credit: Kate Olson Photography

pants: thaitee // shirt: target // cardigan: top knot goods // necklace: shop arroyo, christina nicole // rings: paint the town me, christina nicole // shoes: birkenstocks



I've had a few people ask me recently where I find all my artwork. Let's face it... I have a ton. I mean, not just a few frames to fill the walls, like every wall is filled and I still have things shoved under beds and sofas as well as piles of unframed artwork. It's kind of sad but at the same time it is awful fun to be able to swap things out periodically because I do of course. I'm actually in the process of swapping some things out in my basement and possibly my kitchen. I'll keep you updated don't worry!

So, let's talk about where some of my favorite prints have come from shall we? A lot of my artwork actually comes from traveling. My husband and I bring back some kind of artwork, print, or even post card from anywhere we travel to. We have a collection from different small trips around the US and then from some of the fun places we've been around the world. I love the story it adds to the pieces around our home. 

Most of my graphic prints are black and white from different small businesses generally online. I find a lot of them through Instagram honestly and always look for something a little different that will fit in with the style of my home. I don't often look for something that will fit one particular room, I usually look for things that will fit anywhere in my home so I can continue to move pieces around as I like.

Other than traveling and black and white prints, I will pick up pieces as I find them. Honestly it's kind of like my fabric obsession... when I find something I like, I'll buy it regardless of whether or not I have somewhere specific to put it. I just recently picked up a poster from the Street Art collection at Ikea that I'm in love with!!



My sister and her husband had a week off from school this past week and decided to make the drive over from southeast Idaho to visit us! Lucky lucky lucky aren't we?? My kids were counting down the "number of sleeps" until Auntie Ali came for weeks it seems. I'm pretty sure Christopher asked me at least 10-15 times throughout the day they arrived if it was time for them to come yet. As soon as they saw the car pull up, they both took off out the door and met them on the sidewalk. To say they were excited feels a bit like an understatement.

We kept ourselves nice and busy too while they were here. It was great! We had something fun to do everyday... movies, shopping, sightseeing, park playing, dream catcher making, and just eating. Gosh I feel like we were always eating.

We finally took the kids to see Cinderella, Christopher was ridiculously bored and Mikah chanted "kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss" at the end and then proceeded to cheer when Cinderella and the prince finally kissed. It was pretty adorable. We spent one day in the city do all the sightseeing/ tourist things typical of Seattle. The weather turned out absolutely gorgeous that day and it was just wonderful! One day we spent just laying and playing at the park in the amazing sunshine then made some super fun dream catchers. We even got to steal away for an evening, leaving the kids with a babysitter, and go to a Mariners game. It was suuuuper fun. I love baseball games, although part of me was missing the Phillies the whole time, I won't lie. Overall though, absolutely wonderful visit! My children cried when they left...

photo credit: kate olson photography

We were super lucky to have one of Ali's good friends, Kate, come visit with her as well. She's a wonderful photographer and documented our day in the city beautifully!! Seriously... so so thankful for the photos. PS... anyone in southeast Idaho looking for a photographer? She's amazing! Makes me feel like I need to apologize for the rest of my photos... just some quick cell phone pics!

PPS... If you are ever in Fife Washington (or Puyallup area) and are seriously craving some delicious old school burgers and fries... Pick Quick is your place. My gosh. Reminds me of the little food shacks back in Jersey that have been around for practically ever and make the most delicious greasy yumminess you'll ever taste. Promise it is worth the wait!



Second week into the #myselfiescrapbook project and I'm still loving it. (Find part one HERE!) I've been thinking more about what my pictures are portraying about myself this week. Are they showing the things that I like overall or just something I happen to like at the moment? Are the photos going to be fairly timeless or are they totally going to be ridiculously dated in a year or two? Are they something that truly represent me?

With the prompt this week, from where I stand, I've had to think a little bit more about capturing my life and my personality in a different way. I want to be able to show what my life is like at this time, motherhood, creativity, exploring, learning, and yet still feeling like I haven't even quite figured out who I am exactly at the same time. The reality is, as I was thinking about my book today and some of the things I want to include other than just photos, I realized that while I'm getting closer to 30, about to have my third child, been married for eight years, graduated from college five years ago, I still don't quite know what "defines" me. Do I even want this to include what "defines" me? Am I totally over thinking this entire thing? Should I just relax a little and just include the things that make up "me" right now as I am, because that is what I'm feeling I need to do. 

Maybe I'm having a rough day today or something, but part of me doesn't even really know if I know makes up "me" right now, as I am, at this stage in life. 



Warning... This is a motherhood/pregnancy post. It's been something I have felt like I wanted to talk about for awhile. It's something that isn't so easy to admit and it is kind of lengthy (sorry!) so it would be incredibly amazing if well... we could all just be uplifting and nice. Thanks so much my friends! You rock!

the record of only a few days I actually got dressed... I remember how I felt though when these photos were taken...

Now that I'm well into my second trimester and feeling more human I've been reflecting a bit on the first three months (actually more like four really.) Mainly I've been trying to figure out how my poor children are still alive and my house didn't fall completely apart during those first few months. Part of me honestly can't even remember some of it and other parts I really don't honestly care to remember much of. The reality though is that it all did happen, and it wasn't really that pretty.

The first trimester of any pregnancy (and don't let that fool you... by first trimester I mean well into week 15-16, at least for myself) is always pretty rough. Everything changes all at once it seems, but then it looks like absolutely nothing has changed. Your hormones are completely through the roof and suddenly you just feel... blah... For me it hit like a ton of bricks. I woke up one day, got out of bed like normal, and ran to the bathroom to throw up. I then proceeded to throw up every day basically for the rest of the first trimester. There really was no easing into it. I had to constantly be thinking about what I was going to eat next because if I let myself get too hungry I got sick. If I ate something too heavy, I got sick. If I thought about the wrong food too long, I got sick. If I didn't eat anything, I got sick. If I smelled something different, I got sick. It was... hard.

It's more than just the feeling sick and having no appetite though that got me. It was the total and complete exhaustion that came with it that I struggled with. I literally wanted to do nothing but lay in bed days on end. My children climbed around the bed and my room watching television for probably three months. We got out on good days, but then it was right back home to bed.

Above all though, it wasn't the sickness or the exhaustion. I could deal with that in stride. I was angry with myself. I was depressed that I would make these mental lists full of what I felt I should be able to do during the day and then only be able to accomplish one or two things off that list before I was so incredibly exhausted I literally could barely stand. I usually keep myself very busy during the day, constantly going from one thing to the next, schedule full, always something to do. To go from that all day every day to being able to only accomplish a tenth of that put me in a major mood.

The sad part though, now that I'm looking back, I didn't give myself a break. I was mad at myself when the reality is no one was putting pressure on me to do anything but myself. My husband didn't care, he took care of the necessities after work each day (why my children are still alive, bless his heart!) My children didn't care, they were amazingly content to just play and run around the house. My friends were more than supportive. My family kept telling me to just take it easy. But me... I was mad at myself. I was mad I couldn't put the effort into my business I was used to. I was mad my house was a mess all the time. I was mad I wasn't getting dressed each day. I was mad I couldn't even run the basic errands I needed to. I was just... frustrated! I didn't just let it go either. I needed to, but couldn't, and that made the first trimester even worse than it really was. It literally was the worst thing I could have done for myself, but I didn't even know I was doing it.

I didn't want to be one of those people who can't do anything suddenly because they are pregnant, and it didn't stop me with my first two pregnancies, why should the third be any different? But the truth is, from the very beginning there are major changes happening and I needed to recognize that and be okay with it. I needed to accept what my body was doing and that everyone takes it differently. Mix that with my slow acceptance of being pregnant all together and there you have it, a very unhappy mama. I learned above all though, not to judge. You don't know how people take pregnancy... its a hard hard thing, physically, mentally, emotionally and everyone handles it differently. I needed to give myself a break. Thank goodness we survived and were onto the next trimester!

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