Wedges... oh wedges. The heel for those who can't wear heels. That's what I call them at least. Or we could just call them the heel for me when I absolutely have to wear them because let's face it. I'm more of a let's wear something comfy and easy to walk in because I'm chasing two toddlers around most places I go kind of girl. Plus I'm already quite tall and sometimes it makes me a little self conscience to be even taller. But there are those special occasions where you want to put on a little something special or wear something fun right? This outfit (while older... sorry!) was one of those times. My husband was coming back into town and we were going out so I wanted something a little fun.

And with that said... I have a little announcement. This What She Wears link up has been a blast. I've loved meeting and participating each month for well over a year but the time has come to move forward with things. Thank you for all your participation and support! You guys are amazing!!!

Now let's see it! Let's see your favorite wedges outfit.... Be sure to check in on all our other fabulous hosts as well!

Brandi from Run Style Run
Meagan from Because of Jackie
Rebecca from Mommy in Heels



There are people around you all the time telling you what you should be doing with your time, how you should be doing it, where you should be going. Being a mother is particularly hard because there really is no right or wrong way to do things. There is only what you feel is best for you and your child. But it is more than that... it is more than just about the way you raise your children. It is how you do things, the way you dress as a mom, what you eat as a mom, how you spend what little free time you have as a mom.

To be completely honest I don't even know if I'm even making sense with all this blubbering. But it's been consuming my thoughts lately... it is hard to be comfortable in your decisions. And yet there is such strength and happiness that comes from being confidant and strong in your decisions, even the simple decisions, like what to wear that day. It is not something that comes easily or quickly. That type of confidence takes practice and hard work. It takes trusting in something greater than yourself. It takes understanding that you are important and loved regardless of what you wear, eat, shop, or how you spend your time. Whether it is your children, your husband, or your Heavenly Father, you are loved.

So be strong. You are important. You are loved. Don't let the lady down the street make you feel like you are a terrible mother for feeding your children peanut butter and jelly for lunch everyday of the week. She doesn't know that they ask for it everyday, or that you can't afford much else, or that it is such a struggle to get them to eat anything to begin with you'll give them whatever it takes to get them to eat something other than candy. You're doing the best you can and that my dear is what is important!



Why yes, that is a bathroom stall my little girl is huddled in the corner of. And yes I wasn't too thrilled about her being there. But in this case... well, there wasn't much I could do. So here it is... the biggest #mikahmeltsdown in the history of like ever.

It all began when we got to the pool for Christopher's swim lesson. She wanted to get in the big pool. I told her no because she wasn't taking lessons and only people who were taking swim lessons could swim in the big pool. But we could swim in the baby pool! She didn't like that... especially after the fourth and fifth time I told her.

The screaming started and just got worse. About ten minutes into it, she didn't even want me to hold her anymore. About fifteen minutes into it she ran into the bathroom and hid in the stall. She still wouldn't let me hold her and her screams just kept getting louder and more obnoxious. I felt terrible for her. She was so worked up she couldn't calm herself down. I couldn't even pick her up without her kicking herself out of my arms which means I couldn't even leave. So we sat in the bathroom. She screamed. I sat there hopeless and helpless.

Twenty-five minutes into it, swim lessons were over. Thankfully a friend was there to keep an eye on Christopher while I sat with Mikah in the bathroom. I couldn't let her know I was there though because she was so upset with me. Every time she looked at me the screams got worse. And then suddenly there was an angel of a lady in the bathroom who said she would keep an eye on Mikah so I could get Christopher. Five minutes later, I came back to get Mikah and she was silent. This beautiful lady calmed her down! Mikah saw me... ran to me whimpering a little saying "Momma's back, Momma's back." But she wanted me! And she had calmed down miraculously!

So to the lady in the bathroom... you are amazing. You saved me today and I will never forget you. The world needs more people like you!



I can't help it though. I'm completely in love with the runner... and the colors! It's like the perfect mix of bohemian, modern, and industrial with a slight ethnic and youthful feeling. The colors are fresh and clean while being relaxing and fabulous at the same time. Basically it is all just perfect for the modern clean bedroom... What do you think? Are you in love with the these colors and that runner as I am?!
Find all the details over on CupcakeMAG today!



When Mikah decided to have an opinion a few months ago about what she wanted to wear and what shoes she would put on each day I thought it was kind of cute. You know her choosing all the girly tutus and pink shirts and fun little mary jane dress shoes. We would have our little fights about shoes and usually it wasn't a huge deal so I would just say, sure whatever. It really was adorable honestly. Until it came time to get her a new pair of shoes..............

Oh. My. Gosh. I wanted to die, all five Target trips it took.

The first trip, I thought, oh this will be fun! She looooves shoes! What I wasn't expecting was her to become fixated on a pair of shoes that was two sizes too small and wouldn't even go on her feet. I gave her a pair of the same shoe that did fit her but nooooooo it wasn't THAT pair. Obviously we left kicking and screaming... with no shoes...

The second trip I thought had to go better because it wasn't super close to nap time, we got icees, all was fine and dandy... Then she wanted the clear jelly shoes that in my opinon aren't even really shoes! Her feet already smell in her dress shoes she wears every day... with the heat that was coming there was no way! The third and fourth trip were just about the same honestly. We left kicking and screaming with no shoes.

Finally I thought I got smart. I went without her, chose two pairs of shoes I thought were down right ADORABLE! (This pair and a gold gladiator sandal.) I mean this girl was getting the goods. If they had them in my size they would have been coming home with me too. Guess what? Wouldn't put them on. Loved looking at them but REFUSED to put them on. By refused I mean screaming bloody murder, kicking, screaming, tt was like someone was trying to kill her. Not worth it.

So we went back a fifth time. She got the stupid jellys. Wore them home and now wears them every day.

What did I learn from all this? She's a girl........ and while it may seem like I gave into her, which I did. When it comes down to it... does it really matter? Was it a life or death situation? No. Are the shoes safe? Of course. The only reason I didn't want her to get them was because honestly, I didn't like them. But she can have an opinion, in fact, I want her to have her own opinions. My battles are better fought other places.... like teaching her manners, and respect, and to eat her meals. Plus, life is just easier if I relax..... I hope she loves the shoes though, my goodness she fought hard for them!!

Please tell me she isn't the only one who has such a strong opinion so early...



shirt: free people // leggings: simka sol // shoes: birkenstocks // head scarf: just dawnelle // necklace: shop arroyo, christina nicole

I learned something this week about my closet... I wear the same things all the time, the same set of shirts and the same few pairs of pants. It's like this happy little fashion rut that usually I'm perfectly okay with because I like those few things I wear quite a bit so why change them?? But then once in awhile I go digging through a random drawer and find a fabulous pair of leggings that I had completely forgotten about for months and months and it was the happiest accident that happened this week. I think I need to go through my closet on a regular basis... In fact... maybe I need to have a little cleaning out my closet sale? (Bet you can't read that without thinking of a particular rap song that was fairly popular awhile back... please don't tell me I'm the only one...) What do we think?

Side note... I'm in love with head scarves. You should try one... seriously amazing for seriously dirty hair!



Well we've officially become "dog people." I mean I've always had a soft spot for dogs honestly, I grew up with two golden retrievers. But with two toddlers the idea of a dog was hard to swallow. Then we went to visit my sister, who has a dog, who Christopher loved, and I loved seeing him with it. So it got me and my husband thinking, then perusing the eBay classifieds, then the golden retriever puppy ads. All of a sudden we were driving down to Tacoma to look at a liter of twelve 5 week old golden puppies... Gosh we are so darn impulsive.

And just like that we were dog people. If only the story ended there my friends!

My mom calls the next day talking about how jealous she was that we were getting a new puppy and how much my brothers and sister were jonsing over the idea. Within a few hours, my parents were buying the last two puppies from the same litter... alllll the way across the country! And I thought I was impulsive.

Fast forward three weeks, the day we're supposed to go get our puppies. My parents had been driving for days to get here. There was some serious excitement in the air and I woke up thinking... "Why in the HECK are we doing this?! We have our hands full with two toddlers! What do we need with a dog?!" But then we were there and the puppies were the cutest things ever and then there was a little boy puppy available... and the guy offered it to us for half the cost... and suddenly we were going home with four puppies! Two for my parents and two for us.

I couldn't help it though... when I was younger we saved all our money for a puppy. When we went to chose one, the owners were so impressed that we saved all the money as kids ourselves, they gave us a second. It was destiny I'm pretty sure for us to come home with two.

A week into it... I'm still thinking we were crazy. But at least they're the cutest little things I ever did see and my kids absolutely love them! Now if only I could get them to stop nipping at my kids heels so Mikah doesn't scream bloody murder ever time they chase her. Any ideas?

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