I'm pretty sure the mix of mid-century and bohemian styles was a match made in heaven. I mean seriously... the clean white or natural wood lines found so often in the mid-century style combined with the rich patterns, textures, and color in the bohemian space compliment each other so perfectly. They create a space that is balanced, interesting, and modern while still allowing it to feel completely comfortable and liveable. Not an easy task my friends...

But this bedroom... yes this bedroom is my new inspiration... Find all the details over on CupcakeMAG today!




I look at rugs online seriously almost daily. There are just so many out there and so many different colors, patterns, textures, and price ranges. Seriously it can be so overwhelming. When I look though I try and find unique rugs that make a statement either in texture, patter, or color... or all three! I'm not a big fan of simple no big deal rugs... A rug to me should be a piece of artwork for your floor. Something you could design your entire space around. 

I know this is an old example... but in Jersey I originally had a plain old olive green rug. It was a quick purchase when my little boy was learning to crawl and it fit the space nicely but I never really loved it. One day I found the black and white tribal rug (you know... THE ONE you've seen eeeeeeeverywhere...) but my gosh look what it did to my living room!!

I'm on the hunt these days for a rug for Christopher's room (I think I'm going to go with the one on the left in the bottom row) and a new one for my den downstairs. Rugs range however from super inexpensive (literally $20 at Ikea...) up to almost as much as an entire set of furniture for your living room! Today though I've found a few of my absolute favorite statement rugs you could design an entire space around, fairly good size, and all less than $200! And those World Market rugs... ON SALE!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

But let's really be honest, in a dream world, I'd buy THIS ONE!! Because seriously, it is amazing and the colors would be so perfect in my den. One day right? Like when I don't have two puppies having accidents and two little kids spilling juice. Or maybe when I can talk my husband into spending that on a rug. You know like 20 years? Just kidding... rugs are meant to be lived on right? Just gotta save my pennies for a bit...

Find this gorgeousness HERE



I've wanted to do it forever and finally got my butt around to making a few. PILLOWS my friends... the most amazing throw pillows I'm pretty sure I'm going to fill my house up with. Already planning some for my bedroom... and Christopher's room... and of course my den because it really needs some spicing up and goodness these will be perfect!!!

All pillows are double sided and finished with a hidden zipper. They are available in two sizes, a traditional 20" square and a euro 26" square (Ikea insert sizes my friends!) ANNNND I've got a wicked fabulous collaboration going on right now with @bearly_here215 (on IG) and shop here. Which means there will be ONE OF A KIND hand painted Mr. Bear 26" square pillows available in the shop! Guys... seriously... I'm dying!

So head on over to check out all the details on all the new fabulous styles!



My sister in law sent me a text the other night that simply said... what would you do with this wall? and then sent a picture to go with it. I could tell it wasn't her house (I've been there...) so I asked for a couple more pictures and sent back a few ideas quickly. But then I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I called her back maybe fifteen minutes later with a sketch in hand.

Large walls can be hard. Large walls with televisions on them can be especially difficult because you typically already have the large black empty screen hanging/sitting there and must work around it. But that doesn't mean they are impossible! My favorite thing to do with them is to make them feel like they are part of something bigger... not to single it out but put things around it that help take the focus off the black whole of emptiness tv's seem to be when they aren't on. 

no judging my sketch... it's been awhile...

My original idea was a simple collage wall, but as you can see from the photos there are already a number of frames and smaller decor items in the living room. I wanted to incorporate something big. The room needs a big piece. My idea? A mirror, a really really big floor mirror that rests along side the sideboard, layered with a fabulous tree on the left and a basket for storage (always want to mix up the textures), and surrounding the television with a few different size frames (including one that is bigger than a 8x10!) Add in a few small plants because I swear plants add something incredible to a space, keep up the yellow and turquoise accent colors found in the throw pillows and we are set! Best part? Besides the fact I designed the whole thing virtually? The whole thing is ridiculously budget friendly! My favorite way to go...



shirt: cotton on // pants: hm // shoes: birkenstock // jacket: target // bag: target // necklaces: shop arroyo, mountain lust jewelry, christina nicole // rings: dora lou, reverie-the shop

This shirt takes me back to my teenage years (actually the whole outfit all together) you know sometime in the 90's when that red, white, and black was totally in. It feels like something I would have worn in middle/high school while listening to Hanson, you know with a crew neck and maybe a little shorter so the bottom of it barely hit the top of my flared pants so every time I bent over you could see my back. (Yep... I was one of those kids...) The true difference though between this shirt and the shirt I would have worn in middle school has nothing to do with the cut of the shirt and everything to do with the attitude of the girl wearing it.

I was a shy, scared, unsure, insecure teenager. I was scared to start wearing makeup because I didn't want people to comment on it or notice so matter how much I wanted to wear it, I waited until long after I was given permission before I started actually wearing makeup. I was scared, worried about what other people thought, confused about who I was and what I wanted to be. Now... I'm not so scared or insecure. Why is that? Because I've accepted who I am. I am me. There is no one else I can be... I like what I like and that is that.

That's what I wish I could tell myself back then. Just be you! If there is one thing I could help the young women I work with at church understand during my time with them is that it doesn't matter what they look like, what kind of clothes they like to wear, or how they spend their time, or anything honestly. None of it matters! They are gorgeous. They are amazing. They are beautiful young women with absolutely incredible potential! As soon as they realize and remember that, their lives will change. They will be able to accomplish great things! It wasn't until I realized the very same thing that I was able to be happy with the girl looking back at me in the mirror, be confident in my decisions and opinions, and just be... me!

So this time... the shirt is totally different. And it might actually be one of my favorites these days!



Weekends lately around here have been completely focused on projects around our house. My studio downstairs has been the project of choice for the last couple months, before that it was the backyard, and the kitchen. Once in awhile we take a day here and there to do fun things but usually if we have a Saturday with nothing planned we spend it working. Until this weekend...

It actually felt a little strange waking up Saturday morning to no huge project to accomplish. After having a lazy morning we were well on our way to spending the entire day laying around the house, or in my case working. Instead we decided to take some friends up on the invitation to join them at the Museum of Flight. Pretty sure it was the best decision of the day, talk about some much needed family time and a major break from sewing I really needed! Best part of the day? Mikah talking to her toy puppy outside Five Guys... she told it to sit, stay, and say cheese... then proceeded to pretend to take a picture of it. Gosh she is stinkin adorable.

And... back to our regularly scheduled ridiculously busy work week... (After some grainy iPhone photos of course!) Wish me luck. The weekend was great but my poor house sure paid for it...



I told you I was obsessed with blue and black didn't I? I mean it has got to be one of my very favorite color combinations right now. I gorgeous rich deep blue with a solid ominous black. My gosh it is so perfect for fall!!! And how romantic... classic... and sophisticated right?? Perfect for a dining room like in the inspiration board over on CupcakeMAG today... Paint all the walls in the space that deep black color, accented with the white table and beautiful natural sideboard. YES! You could even switch out the dining room table and sideboard for a bed and dresser. Oooooh talk about the perfect mix of masculine and feminine for a bedroom!

Find all the details HERE on CupcakeMAG!

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