Warning... This is a motherhood/pregnancy post. It's been something I have felt like I wanted to talk about for awhile. It's something that isn't so easy to admit so it would be incredibly amazing if well... we could all just be uplifting and nice. Thanks so much my friends! You rock!

I've noticed a couple things lately with being pregnant this time... things I didn't notice with my first or my second but my third. You get some interesting questions, some interesting reactions, and for me especially some of them have been hard to answer. Not hard because I don't know the answer but because I don't know how truthful and honest to be with others regarding the situation, but being honest is the only way to be right?

One of the questions I've heard quite a bit is "Was this baby a surprise??" or "Was it planned?" The truth... yes it was planned. The truth also though, it was a little bit of a surprise how quickly it happened. I've known since our second child that there was another little soul waiting to be part of our family. I knew there was someone else. So when Jonathan and I started talking about having another baby we both knew it was the right thing to do. Not three weeks later... I was pregnant... So the whole, "Was this baby a surprise?" is kind of a trick question... no it wasn't a surprise in that we talked about it and wanted it. But yes it was a surprise in how quickly it happened and the timing of everything.

Having a baby is not an easy commitment, like not even a little bit. It's a huge deal. It's a huge decision that is scary every single time you make it. It isn't even just the whole body changing pregnancy thing, but also the having a newborn and taking on the responsibilities of an entirely new human being. It's a big deal. So when there is only three weeks between making the decision and realizing that it is totally happening... well it took me a little while to come to terms with it I can't lie. The reality is... I cried when I found out. Not that I wasn't excited about doing what God wants us to do, or what a complete and total blessing it is that it did happen so quickly or at all for that matter, or adding another member to our family. Honestly I was scared. I know what it takes and what I'm personally going to have to go through to get that little baby here and I'm totally not questioning my decision at all or having second thoughts but gosh sometimes it just takes some time to come to terms with the fact that I'm going to be throwing up every day sometimes more than once a day for at least three months. Or the fact that I'm not going to be able to sleep on my belly for probably almost a year. Or the fact that even after the baby comes, my body still won't be back to normal for awhile. It just takes some time to wrap my head around. So with all of that in mind, yeah... it was hard to talk about being pregnant for a little while.

I did tell you I was going to be honest right? But I'm good now. I can honestly and truly say that at 18 weeks I'm excited and anxious and ready to welcome this little person into our family. It really is a blessing and I am so incredibly grateful for it.



The glorious thing about our lives is our opportunities to make decisions. You know, like to chose whether to eat something or not to eat it. Or the choice to get married or not. Or for me the past few months... the choice to blog seriously or not. Well... I'm not making any promises but I will tell you how much I've missed spilling my guts and sharing my projects. I've missed it enough to write this post and share some photos from our life the past two months or so.

We've had a lot happen... kinda of. We did find out we were going to be adding another little person to our family in August. That was pretty exciting. I finally started feeling half human again so we started getting out of the house every once in awhile again. That feels pretty good. My sister moved in with us for a few months too. That's been pretty fun. So I guess we have had some fun things happen haven't we? And above all that... I've had some time to really think about life and make the fun decisions we're so lucky to be able to make. We will have to chat more about those though...



I'm OBSESSSSSED! I mean seriously... and I am going to learn how to weave. It's my plan to learn actually over the Christmas holidays. After things slow down a bit with the shop and everything. You know when things are a little less bonkers around here. Until then though... I am seriously obsessed with woven wall hangings. They add the perfect mix of color, texture, and variety to a space. They break up walls full of frames. They are just a little taste of bohemian and vintage all wrapped up in one. I have two already and can't wait to put something gigantic together for another empty wall in my den! So be honest... what do you think?? Are you loving them?! Head on over to CupcakeMAG today for all the details on my favorite places to find them!

personal weaves in top and bottom two photos from artsyjes and wildplumco



pants: free people // shirt: target // cardigan: nordstrom rack (old) // jacket: target // shoes: minnetonka // necklace: shop arroyo, moorea seal // rings: st. eve jewelry, paint the town me, christina nicole

Since moving to the PNW I've learned a few things, you know, the important things in life here in the Pacific Northwest. Simple things like... it doesn't really rain hard often, there is just always a mist in the air. Or that people in the Seattle area really have no idea how to merge onto the highway (honestly we probably shouldn't get started on how I feel about the drivers around here...) The best thing I've learned though is how there are some seriously tasty things to eat. Sure there is no way you're going to find an incredible Italian hoagie or cheese steak. But teriyaki... MY GOSH! I could eat it every night. No lie. Even my kids ask for it almost daily...

This weekend though my husband took me out on a date, simple, slightly impromptu, and fabulous! We went to get pho... It was my first time. I had no idea what I was ordering or doing. But guess what... of course it was absolutely delicious!!! The broth... the noodles... the spices... and did I mention the broth??

Yep... it isn't a hoagie... but I can't complain about being able to get pho (or teriyaki because it rocks my world) on basically every street corner!



they didn't want the dogs to get them and their snacks.
empty boxes... the ultimate toy, even in Home Depot!
absolutely no idea. she was talking to her baby the entire time though!
making "noodles and sauce"
injecting water into his apple with a medicine syringe
 hammering nails like a kid on Christmas

I've forgotten something the past couple weeks that I promised myself as a mother I would always remember. It's been a stressful, busy, crazy few weeks and I can feel the pressure just weighing down on me. To add to that though... I've noticed my children are feeling it. They are sensing the pressure and stress I've been dealing with making things rather interesting around here.

You know though, that isn't the worst part. I've always told myself with my children that unless it was legitimately unsafe, or would cause harm, damage, or was just plain wrong, I would always try to say yes to my children. I want them to feel safe asking me for things and coming to me with problems. I want them to feel free to explore and learn whenever and whatever they want. Of course there are serious times when "No" must be the answer, like when Mikah wants to use a steak knife to make her "noodles and sauce." But there are so many times when the answer can be yes and I've chosen to say no simply because it came out before I really thought about it or because I didn't want to be bothered.

So when I found Christopher hammering nails randomly into my walls this weekend, I set him up on our new pallet wood wall and told him to have at it. The look on his face when I told him it was okay was priceless. He looked like a kid on Christmas! And to be honest, it would take me quite awhile to find the three nails he managed to hammer all the way into the wood... But it was nice to say "Yes!" It was so nice to relax for a minute, think about what was going to make him happy and what would teach him the most, BEFORE I made a decision.

And that, my friends, is what I want to remember this week... think before I say "No" because the answer usually can be "Yes." Because let's be honest... my kid is too stinking stubborn to take no for an answer unless I sit him down and explain why he could die doing it anyway!



shirt: free people // pants: target // shoes: minnetonka // cardigan: nordstrom rack // necklace: shop arroyo, mountain lust jewelry // rings: dora lou, reverie-the shop // bracelets: pineapplebling

I have to tell you what was going on behind the scenes here because let's be honest. Taking these pictures each week is not the highlight of life. Generally I have to coerce my husband somehow to get outside and take them. Sometimes he will only take 4-5 pictures before he says he's done. In all fairness, sometimes he will take fabulous photos without complaint These however... these were taken as the last outfit of a series of 3 outfits (I wanted it to be four but there was no way.) There was dog poop all over those rocks so I couldn't really move anywhere without stepping in it. The actual dogs reeeeeeally wanted to be in the photo so my husband had to keep calling them after almost every shot. Meanwhile my children were playing in the poop infested yard, Mikah in just her panties refusing to get dressed. Bet you can guess where this is going........ yeah it didn't take long before Christopher stepped in dog poop. He told me what happened and followed it up very quickly with, I'm going to wash it off! Then he took off... INTO MY HOUSE! I think I ran for the first time in months, scooped him up, and then we had a chat about why you can't go walking through the house with dog poop on your foot. Ooooh mom life...



Honestly I think the whole idea of "finding balance" is kind of bogus. There is no way it can happen. You only have so much time in a day, you only have so many things you can physically do. It all depends on how you want to spend your time... For me there is absolutely no way that I have time in a day to cook meals, clean the house, take care of children, AND run a business. It just isn't going to happen. In fact usually I don't even have time to run a business and blog. Sacrifices have to be made. 

I would lie though if I said that things in the past year haven't gotten better. I don't think though that I've discovered how to find balance, I think I've discovered how to make things work, do things more efficiently, let things go a little more. I don't stress over a sink full of dishes that gets left for a day or two. I've realized that I have to choose what my priorities for that day are like I've talked about before... is it going to be showering and business work? or running errands and cooking dinner? It isn't all going to happen.

My mom shared a quote a few weeks ago though that has really stuck to me and made me re-think my "balance" that I thought I had figured out. It was found in a talk given by Tad R. Callister during the most recent LDS General Conference. He said, "We might all ask ourselves: do our children receive our best spiritual, intellectual, and creative efforts, or do they receive our leftover time and talents, after we have given our all to our Church calling or professional pursuits? ... As parents, we can proceed with the assurance God will never leave us alone. God never gives us a responsibility without offering divine aid." Am I giving my children the best of my time? Are they getting the "after thought" energy? They are my most important work. They are why I do what I do. I just needed a little kick in the pants maybe to remember that...because sometimes being a mom is hard.

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