I know I've been missing from these parts for awhile but I couldn't pass up sharing this fabulous deal because believe me... I will for sure be taking advantage of it for my master bedroom! I've been on the search for a new duvet cover and this is the perfect opportunity. Urban Outfitters is having a sale on a large selection of their bedding, most of the duvet covers I've had my eye on are included, and I'm pretty excited! They're all 25% off plus anything over $50 ships for free (with free returns!) I'm pretty excited... I had to share a couple of my favorites...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Best part? These all come in a King size (which is pretty hard to find at Urban)!!! I'm pretty sure I've decided on this one for my master bedroom... although I know in the past I've talked about that black on in the middle on the top row. What do you think?

They're also having a sale on a selection of sofas, tapestries, and wall art as well! They're tapestries are some of my absolute favorites too. I have a few from them actually.



After my original design concept, I spent a little time working with Savi's mom to tweek the design so we could get exactly what she was looking for. The main goal was to incorporate some pops of fuchsia and turquoise with some gold accents while trying to keep the existing paint colors. She wanted something fun, bright, and trendy, perfect for a growing girl, but at the same time fitting in with the rest of the home to create overall cohesion throughout the house.

Find the original inspiration and concept HERE.

I'm beyond excited to see how the space ends up!! Taking the pieces from the updated design board, adding some fabulous thick white stripes to create an accent wall, and updating a few already existing pieces with some simple DIY's and more of that fabulous turquoise color, this room is going to be gorgeous! What do you think?



Oh my bedroom... not that I don't love it, but it isn't quite where I would want it to be. Now that we've lived in the space for almost two years I've realized there are certain things the room needs, like more light! We put in new recessed lighting recently which was seriously one of the best home improvements we've ever done, but it just isn't the same as natural light. The bedroom window doesn't get much sunlight due to the direction of the home and the large trees and man we feel it. To top it all off we've filled it will dark furniture pieces and dark curtains. I am so ready to lighten this space up!!

My goal is to create a bright, light, bohemian space full of pattern (surprise surprise!) and texture. The furniture will stay due to budget restrictions, which I really am okay with because I do like it. The simplicity allows the textiles to take the spotlight, which is usually my goal in a space anyway. By adding in some white lace and cream jute curtains however, I am able to add interest and texture while also brightening up and allowing more light in the windows. The biggest change though I think is the addition of two large floor length mirrors on either side of the bed. This will help reflect more light and give the room a more spacious feeling. Best part about this whole plan? The entire thing can be pulled off for about $450 but reusing many of the pieces we already have! What do you think? Are you loving those curtains and duvet cover as much as I am??



There have been some super fun things going on over in my shop lately and some fun things in the works. I wanted to make sure to tell you!! I wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun! Are you ready? There are quite a few announcements...

First of all... have you seen the new dream catchers?! They seriously are my absolute favorite and I'm beyond excited about them. Currently there are three sizes available, mini, small, and large. The mini size is super adorable at 3" in diameter and perfect for a car rear view mirror (if you're into that sort of thing) or to hang by a little one's bed to help ward off bad dreams. The small is the perfect in between size to add to a feature wall or wall collage at 4" in diameter. The large is an incredible statement piece that seriously is gorgeous all on its own at 8" in diameter and almost 24" in length. It by far comes with the most details and handmade pieces. All the dream catchers are made completely by hand, all one of a kind, and full of intricate loving details from hand-cut leather feathers to handmade tassels, driftwood, and unique feathers. 

Best part of the dream catchers though? Not only are there some ready to ship pieces available in the shop, BUT there are also a number of custom listings where YOU specify the colors included. We chat about the details you're looking for, and I make something completely unique and special to you and your space. If you want something totally one of a kind and unique... this is totally the way to go!!

Now with all this talk about dream catchers, you might be asking yourself, what about serape scarves?! Never fear my friends, inventory is lower right now which I am aware BUT they are not disappearing forever. The styles available now will only be around for a couple weeks and then they will be retired making room for BRAND NEW STYLES come September!! So if you've been eyeing a particular style... don't wait too long! I'm tinkering with the idea of listing a few one of kind and limited edition styles next week, so watch for the announcement for that!

Have you seen the sale over on Instagram?? I know right?! So many announcements... CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE happening right now in the shop. Use the code JULY20 for 20% off the entire shop (including all the new dream catchers and custom dream catchers!!!) Take advantage my friends, it's the last sale before I close up for the new baby and the new fall line drops.

As for maternity leave... I'm sitting at almost 36 weeks and will be closing up shop for a couple weeks when the baby comes. Right now I'm planning on closing shop to catch up on orders August 21st. When things open back up, we will open with a bang and an whole new fall scarf line up so watch out!!! I'm super excited! 

My gosh you guys totally rock and as always I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all the support! This shop wouldn't be what it is without you!!!



I think it's about time for a little bump update what do you think?? Last time was in the blissful second trimester when things were all sunshine and daises. I'll be honest though, since getting over the morning sickness, physically I really do have it pretty easy. I shouldn't complain. Emotionally is probably another story completely but you'd have to ask my husband about that one. I'm pretty sure I've been a completely witch lately. I don't know if I can blame the pregnancy, heat, or two little kids running around at my feet all the time though. Either way, there are only six weeks until my due date and I'm suddenly feeling like things are getting kind of real around here.

week 27 // 28 // 29 

But I think today let's talk about a few random thoughts I'm hoping I'm not the only pregnant lady to have thought during their third trimester. Are you ready to seriously get into my mind here? Hope I don't scare you off... promise pregnancy is a beautiful, amazing, life changing, incredible miracle I wouldn't give up for anything. With that said... there are a few things that kind of throw you off a bit... (like the fact that I've worn the same pair of pants three days in a row, and actually took them off in front of the washer to be cleaned, because I can't find another pair that is as comfy!)

 week 31 // 32 // 33 // 34

Some nights as I lay in my bed, propped up with a gazillion pillows because laying completely flat is ridiculously painful, and watch baby girl kick around I'm pretty convinced there is actually a small alien with gigantic boney parts trying to break free from the constraints of my stomach. A few times I've been slightly surprised she hasn't come ripping through my belly button. My gosh, she hits and kicks with such force, I didn't think one so small could cause so much pain.

Sciatic nerve pain is real. Like seriously, ridiculously real. Don't let anyone EVER tell you anything different. There is almost nothing like waking up in the morning, slowly trying to roll yourself out of bed, only to find your sciatic nerve is hurting so badly you can't barely walk to the bathroom to pee. (Which you seriously have to do because baby girl suddenly started playing soccer with your bladder.) BUT there is some relief my friends!! If you're ever having problems during pregnancy with it, try sitting in a chair where your knees are aligned with your hips (you don't want them lower or higher) lift the leg on the side where the pain is and rest your ankle on your knee then slightly press down on your knee opening your pelvic area up into a slight stretch. Honestly I don't understand why it works, but I know it feels amazing for me afterwards. (I take no responsibility for whether or not it will work for you or any liability for any harm that might happen!! Not that I think anything will just saying basically, I'm not a doctor or midwife and only know that it helps me!)

There haven't been any new or unusual cravings with this baby girl compared to my last babies. Feeling like I could live on cherry Slurpees and watermelon with a couple things of McDonald's fries thrown in there every once in awhile.

I've officially reached the point in my pregnancy where baby girl is putting so much pressure on my bladder I can't honestly and truely tell if I have to pee or if she's just pushing down. So basically it feels like I have to pee all the time. Allllllll the time....... it's pretty awesome. Between that and pretty much not fitting into anything (I usually try 3-4 shirts on each day to find one that covers my belly), it's pretty fun.

This summer heat is pretty rough on a pregnant body. I've discovered that if I don't drink enough water I get pretty light headed. I mean it's already hard to stand or sit for that matter for long periods of time. Doing it though in the heat without enough water is killer. So word to the wise... drink a crap ton of water!

Now that I've officially freaked you out... let's talk for a second about how absolutely adorable my children are with the idea of their new little sister. Christopher tells almost any and everyone he meets that he is going to have a new little sister and she is in momma's belly right now. He will randomly come up, kiss my belly, and ask what baby sister is doing. Mikah is equally adorable in fact and likes to rub her baby sister and ask if she is awake. She always wants to know where she is so she can feel the little (or rather large) movements. Basically having little children who kind of understand the whole baby thing is kind of the best!!

So there you have it... my honest thoughts these days... anyone else out there pregnant with me having any random thoughts? We should join together and form a club or something...



After working on my nephew's bedroom, I couldn't help but put something together for their adorable little sister who is transitioning from a nursery to a big girl room. She's the cutest and spunkiest little girl who deserves a fun, bright, cheery, exciting room to match her big personality. It needs to be something she can grow with while still feeling young but sophisticated enough to feel like it fits the rest of the home.

We aren't starting with as much selected as we did with her brother's space, so I'm relying more heavily on some great inspiration photos and a color scheme my sister in law sent me to get exactly what is wanted. I'm super excited about the direction though... spunky, fun, bright, and girly... with no pastels. We want to keep this colorful and exciting while giving my sister in law the perfect space for her little girl. So here's the direction I'm headed with some fabulous inspiration photos and a few super fun pieces to get things going in the space...

What do you think? Can you see it yet? (Check out more inspiration photos HERE.)

1 // 2 // 3



I've been thinking about the reality of having a new baby around lately. It's happening, whether I'm ready or not, so I might as well start getting things ready for this little girl to join us right?

I'm pretty sure the nesting bug hit full force yesterday when I decided to clean out the master closet on a whim because I was so tired of tripping over all the clothes and shoes on the floor. But then again, I'm usually a crazy organizing, rearranging, redesigning kind of lady anyway so really I never know. I do think though I've accepted this baby though because the desire to start collecting goodies for her has hit hard!

Lately I've been thinking about blankets, you know that special little blanket that will go everywhere with her right at first. My children both still sleep with theirs. Thankfully they haven't become overly attached, but in our house, it stays in bedrooms and isn't allowed to leave the house. 

Anyway, let's not get into the ins and outs of having a security blanket, let's just talk about how fabulously "girl" but not overly "girly" these blankets are! Trying to decide on one is going to be rough. That vintage kantha on is KILLING me! (I've been crushing on the idea of a kantha baby quilt for years.) Part of me though wants to make baby girl a little blanket... I've been wanting to make a serape baby blanket for years. This sounds like the perfect opportunity don't you think?

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